>Greetings from a newlywed!

>Why hello there! Welcome to a blog primarily created by the ‘M’ in R+M – but always influenced by the ‘R’ nonetheless. We were joined in holy matrimony one month and four days ago – feels like yesterday – so, of course, I begin this blog with the intent to share some of our wedding details, maybe inspire some brides and grooms, maybe not. Truth be told, I could not STAND the idea of planning a wedding when we first got engaged a year ago, but now I would love nothing more than to do it all over again. So perhaps by sharing some of the elements that made our day picture perfect, I’ll get my wedding fix and get over it!

Along the way, too, I hope to with some of our favorite things – yanno, those things I just can’t help but chat aimlessly about. In my world, those things usually include (but are not limited to): shopping. When I am not actually shopping, I am talking about it or researching it or thinking about it – its actually quite sad. Like an addiction. Which is probably why I loved wedding planning so much – the whole process is one gigantic shopping spree after another. It’s honestly ridiculous. Regardless, if you like shopping and weddings and everything in between, you just might enjoy my chat stew.

Enough text already – I’ll close the always-awkward-about-me-welcome-post with some of my favorite tidbits from our wedding! Ry and I had probably the greatest team working with us throughout the entire planning process, so here are a few of those aesthetically pleasing parts that will serve as a sort of prelude to the wedding wonders to come…

Who doesn’t love their initials in a lovely heap of floral goodness??

Ah, a wedding party fit for J.Crew catalog…

Mmm, a dress that fits like a glove…

And of course, true love and marital bliss!

Tune in for this sort of hoopla and more – it’s guaranteed to be a good time 🙂


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