>One person’s trash…

>So when I realized that I had nothing to do today, I decided to take the long way to Starbucks, see if I could catch a garage sale or two. Yes, I said it – garage sale. I was skeptic, too, when my old roommate would usher me into her car and drive around aimlessly looking for those red and yellow neon signs scribbled with sloppy addresses and bold arrows pointing to the goods. She always said garage and estate sales were the prime avenues for finding forgotten treasures, trinkets you could fashion as home decor, furniture that just need some love. So when she moved to the Philippines for work right after Ry and I became engaged, and she passed the trash-to-treasure torch onto me. And as I wanted to plan a vintage, Anthropologie-esque wedding reception, these yard sales became my new best friends. I recruited my mom (and sometimes Ry after some hearty persuasion) to help me find the perfect assortment of centerpieces for the 14 tables that would fill our reception hall. The three items in demand: white milk glass, tea tins, and sets of birds. Much harder than it sounds. Thus we scoured the yards and estates each weekend, hoping to excavate just enough decor (at just the right price) to create our target aesthetic.

Unique sets of birds were lightly scattered amidst the florals…

Different styles of white milk glass served as vases for the large center bunches of peonies and garden roses – might have been my favorite thing about the ENTIRE reception!

And alas, different sized tea tins held their own unique bunches of florals and managed to give a great punch of color…

Of course, all of this could NOT have been possible without the creative eye and brilliant mind of Ms. Heidi at Lilac & Co in Dallas, TX. Heidi was truly the artist who turned my gunk into gold, and we were so lucky she let us scrounge up some of our own decor – it was such a more personal experience that I recommend to any bride looking for something unique (and easy on the budget)!

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