>Birthday Baking 101

>Ahoy! Last night, I spent many, many hours pretending that I could bake. Every year on the eve of Ry’s birthday, I think that I will be capable of creating some enormous, elaborate pastry for him to enjoy all day. Welp, I think I finally had far more success this year than any other year on record, A) because there were no small house fires and B) it looks pretty fantastic…

WhaLA! A fish cake! No, he’s not a 12 year old boy – he’s a man with a wife who acts like she’s 12 when coming in contact with all kitchens everywhere. Messy and dangerous. However, this year’s cake puts last year’s attempt to shame.

Yes, this is a sorry excuse for an aquarium cake. I tried to make several layers. I failed. Baking isn’t for all of us, but isn’t it the thought that counts?? Regardless – HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY HUSBANDFACE!!!!!

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