Road Tripping, Round Topping

So the road trip to Round Top, Texas, with Mom proved a complete and utter success. After much ado about whether to take the Hummer (for those hopeful, hefty purchases) or the wee-mini cooper, we decided to cruise south with fuel efficiency and away we went. What we found was a ridiculously overwhelming series of chaotic fields teeming with white flapping tents, rowdy shoppers, and endless goodies to unearth at our discretion. While there is just too much land to cover in just two days – this flea stretches across at least four towns – we unlocked some of the trades day’s secrets early on when we ended up in Warrenton, namely Excess Field, North Gate, and Zapp Hall. Words of the wise for those who might consider attending the September show – the closer you are to the heart of Round Top (Musburger Field, Big Red Barn), the further you get from making an actual purchase (think unnecessarily high prices and larger-than-life statement pieces that are nice to ogle at, not nice to finance). Example? My favorite piece from Musburger Field:

See what I mean? Ridiculously sized, absolutely awesome. After chatting it up with the seller, he revealed that he recovered this retro gem at a School for the Blind somewhere in the Midwest. I believe it retailed for $3900, and I believe one day when I have a money tree I will track this piece down and make it mine – although, where in God’s name does one put a six foot globe?? (Exactly, where in God’s name does one NOT!)

Reasonable purchases? Definitely seen at Rubbish, who had the sweetest display that I will find a way to replicate in one room or another.

A funky mixture of marquee letters and die-cuts on the pages of old books and magazines – would look absolutely stunning in an office or a blank bedroom wall.

Finally, I must point out my favorite find of the trip, which I actually sought out throughout the entirety of our stay but didn’t find until our last stop in Carmine…

I always pay homage to my alma mater  – especially now with this vintage TCU pennant with the old horned frog logo. Literally pulled this from the rubble, beneath of old newspapers and random sports memorabilia – the perfect cherry on top of such a sweet weekend.

Of COURSE, there was so much more uncovered during our trip, but you seriously must see it for yourself in order to really know what I’m talking about. Happy trails!

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