Blue thou art, intensely blue!


Blue thou art, intensely blue! / Flower, whence came thy dazzling hue? / When I opened first mine eye, / Upward glancing to the sky, / Straightway from the firmament, / Was the sapphire brilliance sent; / Brighter glory woudst thou share? / Look to heaven, and seek it there / In the act of faith and prayer. / * J. Montgomery

Half inspired by the bluebonnets abloom alongside the Texas highways, half inspired by the sunshades of summer shimmying through my windows (and 1/10th inspired by payday), I set out to gather some affordable accessories for such a lackadaisical day.

Of course, where else to go for a fashion fix than Forever 21, where you can buy the most vital wardrobe pieces like this blue and white stripe tank for $10.80, and throw in some sparkle with this rosy scarf, $8.80.

Accessories are always a must in this household – especially bright turquoise earrings ($3.80) that scream for attention! (Stack of books – various estate sales, of course! I’m such a picker…)

The best way for blue to be blue is with a little bit of contrast. Coral hues work like a charm, especially when they only cost $5.80 for the entire set! (Blue Italian miniature vase, local flea market – such a steal!)

Grand total for today? $29.42! Totally WORTH it!

Wanna copycat these purchases? This time I’ve included all the links – happy shopping!

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