Still Kickin’

I didn’t purposely head back down into that dark, narrow funnel of poor blogging skills, but if you’ve had “one of those weekends” where you don’t quite slam on the gas pedal until Wednesday the following week, you might just forgive me. 🙂

So much to say, so many worthy purchases – so little time I have at this very moment to share. I just thought I’d drop a line to let everyone we’re still kickin’…..IN THESE FABULOUS BOOTS!

I just about DIED when I spotted them and realized I was WAY over my spending limit for the day. Such a shame, too – this pretty pick was only $150, with an extra 20% off!!! As I sadly look away, you can swipe them from me at the most unique boutique (I think) that Fort Worth has to offer – Bess & Evies Vintage.

Get ’em then brag to me how you got ’em! More to come – I promise – it will be worth it 🙂

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