Gray Living

Yesterday while strolling around my hometown downtown square in McKinney, I heard some chatter about Gray Living, a new home goods store worthy of unique earthy finds and the color gray – which happens to be my new obsession. It only took about three paces inside the storefront to realize that I had died and gone to home furnishings heaven. My eyes were mesmerized: rustic metal centerpieces, heaps of pillows adorned with black keys and vintage typography, full wall frames filled with eclectic ocean finds that make you stop and wonder how in the world did someone find, much less create something so destined to become THE conversation piece in any room.

Store director John Bassignani was well aware of the mental magnitude his merchandise required and more than happy to discuss some of the finds that made me squeal. I took my time rummaging through the two stories dressed with European-inspired furnishings and the soft neutralities of a modern chateau, while Bassignani emphasized that much of the merchandise (courtesy of Aidan Gray Home) was still being shipped in, could be specially ordered, and might be customized for  an ultimate personalized possession.  A wall packed with these black/white framed school subjects and sports immediately caught my eye as well as my heart as soon as he informed me they could be ordered with the customer’s preferred word choice.

 $90, Could not locate the maker name

Everywhere I looked, wood-carved and steel buckets held stacked matchboxes, lushly wrapped candles, or aged apothecary jars.  Linen furniture – think big cozy love-seats and upholstered bergère chairs – comfortably countered refurbished cabinets and riveted coffee tables. Again, the walls begged for attention.

Upwards of $2750

A girl can dream of such a one-of-a-kind musical investment for her future living room, can’t she? Sure she can, with a souvenir in hand – because we all know I wasn’t leaving without a greige good of my own.

$22, “Perfect Setting” by Cake Kitchen Papers

There’s just something so sweetly antiquated, so chic about having a pad of 50 paper place-mats lying around in case of a pop-up dinner party. I purchased my prize, dreaming of the day I’d return for the rest.

<< Gray Living  (972) 542-0033 >>

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