Wrare Goods

Sweet pieces. Antique chic. Unique finds. This is my big three when deeming a shop stop worthy, so when I caught wind recently of several “ooohs” and “aahs” at a stylish new storefront in West 7th, I rocketed on over for the goods.

Greeted by a most adorable front sign and a squeal-worthy window display, Wrare is owned by Adrien Wright, the mastermind behind the Wright at Home Design Group (on Camp Bowie). His new collection of industrial home decor, antique statement pieces, and quirky knickknacks is undeniably a interior designer’s dream and a necessary staple store in West 7th’s budding retail and restaurant development.

Havana Lounger in Grey Stripe, Aidan Gray at Wrare, Roughly $2310

Noticing the linen settee, the stamped pillows, and the serene ambience of gray, I immediately thought back to my sweet experiences back at Gray Living in McKinney. I inquired to the cute shopgirl if there was any connection to which she informed me that they indeed carried a few Aidan Gray pieces – and it felt a small victory to be so close yet again to some of my favorite home goods.

Wall Letters, $20

Also found at Gray Living, these individual wall letters would look absolutely stunning alone, or even spelled out, thus I had to snag one up as a unique wedding shower gift for a girlfriend. While doing so, I couldn’t help but drool over the collection of vintage trophies (which I ALWAYS search for – any suggestions where I could find more???) and the freestanding 1920’s microphone that I could utilize as an accent in any corner of any room.

Written Word Chair, $265 (if I remember correctly)

Speaking of accent pieces, how amazing would this accent chair look adjacent to any color (khaki, leather brown, gray…) couch, or even backed up against a wall in your favorite office?? Wish I could remember the exact price, but I remember happily thinking, “I could swing this one!”

 Apothecary Jar, $65 (if I remember correctly); Cards $3-$5

Finally, this overwhelming welcome table planted a seed in my own creative mind as I saw how an apothecary jar had been filled to the brim with old coin paper rollers – conveniently colored red and khaki to match my living room motif! It would look adorable added to a mantle. Additional table items convey only a portion of the candles, lighting materials, and other gifts offered in and around the cozy storeroom. Here, too, you see a small sampling of the rows and rows of fun cards carried in Wrare. Ranging in price from what seemed to be about $3 to $5, these father’s day cards seemed specially created to make me look like I had spent mounds of time (and money) picking out the right way to say “best dad ever.”

I apologize for the lack of pricing accuracy – and any commenting/help is welcome – but it was a quick trip through Wrare that day, and really that’s all I needed to fall in love with this new Fort Worth gem. Best of luck to you, Wrare, and see you soon!

Contact Wrare: Monday-Saturday 11AM – 7PM * (817) 885-8881

3 thoughts on “Wrare Goods

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  3. I wandered into Wrare this past weekend I have to agree with your post. They’ve struck a nice balance of salvage chic with a more modern aesthetic. The larger items seemed to be priced well and there was a good selection of gift-worthy smaller items.

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