Friday Find: Sale Sweet Sale

Found my way into Anthropologie this early afternoon because I absolutely had to – absolutely shouldn’t have – see what was hiding behind that large red SALE sign flapping in the window. After much ado, I finally settled upon a most darling, strappy top that sparkled at me from the crowded racks mid-store.

Sweet Summer Crepe Tank by Moulinette Soeurs, Anthropologie, $59.95

Originally a whopping $118 – I have a personal rule against buying shirts, tanks, and blouses that spill into triple digits; I save that kind of cash for full fabric garments – the bluish-periwinkled crepe top was about the only dressing room option I found fitting, thanks to the slightly darted bust. The gathered straps also reassured the fear of unflattering slippage, but it was really the applique of pearls, lace, and shiny hematite that sold me.

Pearled Applique on Moulinette Soeurs, Anthropologie

I figure a close up shot could try to do this ethereal applique justice, but the delicate intricacies are really worth seeing up close and personal. If you’re in Fort Worth, check out their newest location in the University Park Village – its loaded with SALE merchandise right now from home goods to kitchenware to darling dressings. OR, if you have a little extra cash flow this weekend, I recommend trying on this new embroidered arrival…

Contrasting Halves Embroidered Dress by Gryphon, Anthropologie, $228

Just gotta love a brightly embroidered cotton frock for all your summer adventures – enjoy the weekend!

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