Forget the Shower Registry, Remember the Polka Dots!

When we get married we get lots and lots of gifts. We register for lots and lots of things – most of which we will never need, but hey, its fun to imagine ourself manhandling a culinary torch while preparing the world’s greatest crème brûlée. Aside from fantasy, what do you really remember receiving from your wedding registry? After the countless engagement parties and showers and bachelorettes, what did you really get that made you swoon or sigh with happiness or feel like a princess? I’m going to bet it’s not a culinary torch or an olive pitter or any other ridiculous kitchen gadget out there (unless you’re a foodie, which I’m obviously and enviously not because I can’t cook worth a damn).

I understand its bad form to ignore the wedding registry and not complete the 2 out of 8 salad bowls still remaining on the list – I’m not at all telling you to ignore the almighty registry. I’m just saying that what I remember and loved most from all those wedding gifts received are a trio of hand embroidered dishtowels, a stone carved and painted plaque handpicked by a friend in Italy, and a red porcelain teapot that sits proudly on my stove at all times. Maybe your not like me. But if you are, it’s totally worth it to get a rise out of the bride – or at least let her know you really get her style – and the perfect time to do so is at the bridal shower. Especially if the bride is a good friend or you’re a bridesmaid or you’ve already fulfilled many registry requests, it’s fun to toss in a little something extra, like this polka-dotted apron I found at Anthropologie for a friend’s upcoming shower…

White & Turquoise Polka-dotted Apron, Anthropologie, $38

I absolutely wish this was a dress I could wear out later tonight, but really it is an incredibly sweet apron with all my favorite things included: polka dots, eyelet patterns, pockets, turquoise rosettes…

Turquoise Rosettes on Apron, Anthropologie

It’s just a simple gesture, a fresh reminder that the bride means a little more to you than a down pillow insert. Of course, this isn’t always the best option – depending on your bride/friend/family member, you’ll know them best – but if the idea of gifting something special tickles your fancy, I definitely recommend hitting up Anthropologie’s ridiculous collection of home goods, as well as other specialty shops like Layla Grace (great bedding, unique fabric design) and Madison (for the locals, fantastic little gift shop in Highland Park Village, Dallas).

Whatever you do and whatever you buy, you’re already an A+ friend in my book. But if you really wanna excel in the gift giving department, forget the shower registry – remember the polka dots!

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