Hot Potato!

We’ve never even met, but I’m definitely in love.

Vintage Cog Carnival Wheel, 3-P4, $450

I’m talking, of course, about Three Potato Four, a curious headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, filled with eclectic finds and vintage reproductions based on the thousands of antique and unique pieces that owners Janet Morales and Stu Eli have come across over the years. Inspired by their love for collecting, spawns of the graphic design industry launched Three Potato Four (3-P4) online in 2007, followed by a single storefront in an old textile mill three years later. Fortunately – for those of us who can’t visit their notorious barn sales every last weekend of every month – treasure hunters across the country (moi) can virtually dig for one-of-a-kind keepsakes and home furnishings. I quickly became addicted to their merchandise – which has been featured in Urban Outfitters, Good Housekeeping, and countless other newspaper and magazine profiles – and though I live in Fort Worth and not Philly, I still feel the need to share my favorite things from this online flea market.

Vintage Blue Megaphone, 3-P4, $65

I’m seriously most tempted to buy this hand-painted megaphone! The bright blue matches our bedroom palette and would provide a neat aesthetic on one of our many shelves.

Wooden Auditorium Chair, 3-P4, $250

Who wouldn’t want an early 20th century auditorium chair sitting in the corner of their office??

Vintage Roller Derby Skateboard, 3-P4, $95

Really an awesome recovery, this wooden skateboard is perfect for an avid collector, or someone who just wants to add a unique shelf in their wall mix.

Milk Bottle Carafe 3-Pack, 3-P4, $36

Also available for wholesale and specialized as part of their exclusive line of 3-P4 products, this 3-pack of milk bottles has been featured as both coffee table trinkets and centerpieces for table settings at weddings. Various bridal magazines have classified this sweet three piece as a standout way to accent a countryside chic theme – and I whole heartedly agree!

Be sure to sign up for their newsletter, as they post and sell (out of) their phenomenal finds as they come in. Or if you’re lucky enough to live in the area, you can find them at:

376 Shurs Lane, Bldg A 
Philadelphia, PA 19128 
(267) 335-3633

Happy (virtual) picking!

2 thoughts on “Hot Potato!

  1. Oh my gosh girl! LOVE LOVE your blog! I really like the material and the composition! Very cool! I will be putting on my blog roll!

    Kaite Flynn

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