Living on Wisteria Lane

You will find no Desperate Housewives here, nor wholesome prime-time drama. But you will find one beautifully dressed warehouse, donning a world of interior design wonders and offering some of the finest handcrafted furnishings a house could hold. And you will find this chair.

Handcarved Small Swag Carved Chair, Wisteria, $499

Squeal-worthy, I know. I fantasize about an antiquated patina accent chair all the time (among other things). And fortunately for myself and DFW local-focals, Wisteria’s merchandise is happily available and graciously affordable thanks to the Wisteria Outlet’s opening adjacent from Love Field Airport. Partially organized with serene home settings, partially jam-packed with boxed and boastful stockpiles, the Outlet stands as the only physical shop spot where you can cash in and carry out prized merchandise that might otherwise cost an arm and a leg to ship!

Partial View of Mirror Wall at Wisteria Outlet

A scene from the mirror wall might suggest the type of aesthetic chaos that occurs within once you are consumed by the nearly 20,000 square feet of sales floor. Predominately known for its seasonal catalog and online vending, Wisteria sprung from a married couples’ love for collecting and quickly bloomed into a full-functioning warehouse and a culturally-conscious design empire – they love seeking out and supporting artisans and entrepreneurs from around the world. If you have never heard of the brand, you might recognize a few of their famous accessories, like these stacked replicated French books found both online and in-store.

Stacked Replicas of French Books, Wisteria Outlet, $24.50-$49

Of course, you might get the better deal in-store (I’ve even seen these books priced as low as $14) , as the Outlet offers weekly specials and ridiculously low prices on front stock, back stock, and even ever-s0-slightly chipped stock that any buyer would leap at the opportunity to own. As for my own prized purchases, I’ve definitely found my share of home goodies, including this weathered chalkboard and hook hanger that works near our front door as an organizer (keys, hats, coats, etc)…

Chalkboard & Hook Wall Hang, Wisteria Outlet, $79

…And this gray ironed fleur-de-lis wall hanger that fits my blue bottle and book collection, along with other knickknacks I’ve accumulated to match our bedroom themes.

Gray Iron Fleur-de-Lis Wall Hanging, Wisteria Outlet, $39

Although not listed online, you can find these items and others super discounted at the Dallas Outlet – which is now, even as we speak, having a HUGE semi-annual blow out sale that will most likely scatter your brain and seize your furnishing needs…

Again, if you don’t live in the area, their website and catalog are must-sees! But if you are able to find your way to Wisteria Lane – a.k.a Cedar Springs – then consider your shopping cart filled and your weekend plans made!

5 thoughts on “Living on Wisteria Lane

  1. Just saw your comment on my blog! Thanks so much! Sounds like we have a lot in common in the area of loving flea markets and great finds! Look forward to following you! Love meeting DFW bloggers!

  2. I havent been to the Wisteria outlet in sometime. Looks like I need to pay a visit real soon..and they’re closer too I must stop by soon.

    • Absolutely! It’s amazing how much merchandise they can stuff in that warehouse – sign up for their newsletter too for updates on ridiculous sales!

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