Beyond Simple, Indeed

Once upon a time, Fort Worth was home to one of the greatest interior design stores I ever stepped inside, and it went by the hardly characteristic name of Simple Things. I lived in a 12×12 foot dorm down the street from the old University Park Village staple, and yet I felt the urge to visit the curious castle of colossal antique salvage and refurbished wares almost every day, only to envision a time when I’d have places to fit large wooden hutches and 19th century recovered doors turned 21st century headboards like this one…

19th c. European Door Salvage / 21st c. Headboard, Simple Things

When I graduated from dorm to (I’d say larger…maybe…) apartment living with my new husband, the Simple Things I came to know and love shattered my dreams of a cozy museum of a home when they decided to move out of University Park with little idea as to where they would head next. With promises to keep me updated, I heard nothing. I only had my antique-replica roman numeral clock to mount above our fireplace – my one snag from Simple Things before they shut their doors on my frowny face, still smudged up against the abandoned storefront window.

Large Roman Numeral Clock, Simple Things, $79

…So imagine how silly I felt for all the dramatics when I sat bored one day on a Googling rampage and found that Simple Things still existed! – In a warehouse! – This meant more things! Scurrying to find the truth in all this madness on what I remember being a bitter cold day in February, I managed to locate who I believe to be co-owner, Jim, and a treasure trove of home goodness. A little shocked I furiously dived right in to the freezing warehouse, Jim explained where and how he recovered a few things, including the aforementioned hand-sculpted door and the sleek cast iron book binding press I spent some time swooning over before deciding I couldn’t part with the $175 in my checking account.

Antique Book Binding Press, Simple Things, $175

This worthy warehouse – which also offers custom upholstery (you should see their fabric selection!), antiques, fine bedding, lighting, rugs and much more – is located far off the beaten path, off Vickery Blvd. into Benbrook, for those of you who speak Fort Worthian.

* (817) 332 – 1772 *

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! I’m telling you, when it rains it pours because just the other day I received an e-mail with this beautiful header attached…

Evidently, Sherry Griggs, formerly co-owner of Simple Things, has been busy with an offshoot project of her own: beyond}Simple. After launching her beyond} Simple blog and a special event furniture sales operation, Griggs will post up shop THIS weekend – yes, STARTING TOMORROW! – at Tim’s Landscape and Garden Center for a tented extravaganza with furniture, foliage, and my oh-so favorite food trucks! You guys, I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am to see their show area filled with casual furniture, home furnishings, and these sweet treats advertised in the e-mail I received…

Merchandise at Furniture, Foliage & Food Trucks, Beyond}Simple

I know. Want it. Need it. All. June Naylor and Cynthia Wahl of Texas Toast Culinary Tours will also help celebrate the weekend by organizing  some of Fort Worth’s more popular food trucks to serve during the weekend, including Central Market’s H.E.A.T, Salsa Limon (the greatest), and Yes! Taco. All the excitement gets started with a soft opening tomorrow evening, July 7th, from 5 pm to 8 pm and then continues on from 9 am to 8 pm on both Friday and Saturday and from 9 am to 5 pm on Sunday.  This is such a great activity for the whole family – or a handful of your gal pals or drag your husband – to get into this weekend! You just can’t beat some lush atmosphere, a few gourmet nipples, and a big, beautiful overload of home interior dream designs and gotta-have furniture. Again, head out to Tim’s Landscape and Garden Center for a Fort Worth event you just can’t miss!

3 thoughts on “Beyond Simple, Indeed

  1. I am so excited to hear y’all are still here in Fort Worth!!!!
    We had been looking for you to go back in at University Village in the far back corner by Barnes & Noble. So glad you’re back. I have been receiving the emails from Beyond Simple but hadn’t put two and two together! Duh!
    We hope to visit you soon!
    Betsy Thompson
    No. Richland Hills

    • I know! I was beyond EXCITED to hear that Simple Things was still alive and thriving on Vickery! They really have some stunning treasures – be sure to bookmark me for more fabulous finds!

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