Some Like it Hot (Pink!)

Temperatures will soar today in Texas, but that doesn’t mean we all have to look like a big fat, sweaty mess! I’d like to kick it into full gear today – we’ve got a plate full of good friends and wedding activities planned for the weekend so I’ll also need some crack coffee ASAP – and bring out the bright guns for my feet. I’m talking about HOT pink jelly flats…

Hot Pink Jelly Flats, J. Crew, $68

Yeah, I know. 1982 called. Wanted retro DayGlo jellies back. But yanno what? They aren’t getting them because I think they’re awesome. And if you do too, right now the J. Crew Factory just reopened up online – they open every weekend until midnight Sunday – and there is style just like ’em for a total $39. And how better than to really shake things up today by pairing those pinkies with a little purple?!

Purple Ruffle Dress, J. Crew Outlet, $49.50

Ultra feminine and super loose so you have some room to breath out there in the heat. And I may have paid $49 for this doll, but you most certainly don’t have to – right now it’s listed on the Factory site for only $29.99! I’m going to go ahead and give that the worthy seal of approval. Now throw on some HOT colors, seize the day, and I’ll go chug coffee. Adios!

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