Let’s Ketch Up

Chewing the Cud Greeting Card, Byrd & Bleecker, $5.25

Hope your weekend was as entertaining as mine! However, I hope you are not burdened with the same amount of stuff that I need to catch up on – which might be why I was so attracted to this greeting card while procrastinating in my favorite Fort Worth stationary shop, Byrd & Bleecker. Who am I sending it to? Not a clue. Why did I buy it then? – How could I not? Brought to you by Chewing the Cud, an adorable design and events company that you should definitely consider bookmarking, this friendly paper hello was printed by Flybird Press using 100% tree-free heavyweight paper with soy-based inks. I have so much admiration for something both aesthetically sweet and environmentally friendly. Plus – I love paper.

Enough procrastination. I must ketch up! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Let’s Ketch Up

  1. What a fun card! I love products from chewing the cud.

    Found you via byrd & bleeker’s fb post. Glad to see a Fort Worthian blogging about Fort Worth and other pretty things!

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