Wedding Bells

Themes. Motifs. Patterns. Color coordination. Sometimes the hardest thing about planning a wedding is sticking to and remembering that cohesive look you originally pictured for your big day. But when you’re marrying a man whose last name is Bell, you’ve really got something special to thematically play with and (of course) easily remember each time a new vendor asks how to match their goodies to your current decor stockroom. My good friend, Liz, is that lucky lady who took full advantage of the charming last name this weekend as she married our other close pal, Mr. Bell in a picturesque ceremony at Forth Worth‘s Christ Chapel Bible Church.

Christ Chapel Bible Church, Fort Worth, TX

The church, which is much lavish and larger than it might appear from its nook off Montgomery Street, set the mood for the entire night, as the altar and surrounding stage were romantically dressed in twinkling candles and gracious floral arrangements.

Marriage Ceremony at Christ Chapel, Fort Worth, TX

Made me almost regret not dolling up our ceremony a bit more! Here, too, you can get a taste for the navy floor length bridesmaid gowns that each lady donned in the style of their choice. Yellow rose and calla lily clusters brightly accented the strong navy hues that carried on into the reception hall at the new Fort Worth Omni, an absolutely stunning venue for such a sweet summer night.

Omni Hotel Downtown Fort Worth, TX

Beyond excited to finally see inside the Omni, we entered to find folded name cards that designated our table, all of which were designated by the word “bell” in a different language (super creative!). I went quite gaga over the bold table settings and towering, chandelier-esque centerpieces, each set blooming from two stacked bells.

Centerpieces at the Bell Wedding, Omni Hotel

Couldn’t get enough of this charger either – I’ve only seen gold hues lately, but there was something so sharp about this silver texture!

Menu & Charger Table Setting at the Bell Wedding, Omni Hotel

And the happy couple – well, they looked extremely happy floating into the dimly lit ballroom and dancing upon their brightly elegant monogram as Mr. and Mrs. Bell. And the bride’s dress was beyond beautiful, awesomely complete with a upper-back cut out.

Bride & Groom Welcomed onto the Monogrammed Dance Floor

The two were whisked away to Jamaica to the sound of ringing silver bells handed out to everyone upon exit as the couple completed their final dance alone inside the ballroom – but not without first offering a sugary display of treats and sweets for guests to enjoy all night!

Candy Bar at the Bell Wedding, Omni Hotel

I must have made more trips to the candy bar than the actual bar!  Mostly because I like sweets – a lot – but also the illumination of yellow lollipops, swizzle-sticks and rock-candy immediately drew me in, along with every other guest who marveled at the bright sight. Final table touch: cookie-cutters in the shape of bells. I’m telling you, the theme was exquisitely executed, as was the entire Saturday night – so glad we could be apart of it all!

One more congratulation shout out to the new Mr. & Mrs. Bell – your big day was as beautiful as it is now inspiring!

3 thoughts on “Wedding Bells

  1. Megh! I totally didn’t know you had a blog. This is wonderfully written! You should do this for a living instead of teaching, you are so stinking good at it. I love the pictures and explanations that you wrote. We had such a wonderful time with you and your hubby. Thank you so much for coming and spending time with us on our special day. We love y’all both!

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