Make it Pop

Terrible Breaking News: Summer is on its way out.

While this may feel like a premature freak-out to all of you, it really wont be once you realize there are only about two-ish weeks left in July.  And while it’s still hotter than hell, we must all come to terms with what happens in August every year. Department stores get antsy. Retailers rip open new boxes of merchandise. Fashionistas trade bright blue hues for blacks. No longer are store window displays dancing in color come August, but rather dressing their mannequins in heavy velvet and cabernet shades for fall. Yes – fall becomes what’s new and hip, and we are all pressured to force our colorful wardrobes into retirement just a little bit earlier every year….

So today…I take a stand with COLOR! In every way possible, from my head to my toes – and with a little help from favorite Fort Worth boutique, Francesca’s Collections, who is always ready to go with sweet summer dresses and super attractive (and affordable!) accessories.

Coral Drop Necklace, Francesca's Collections, $28

A coral beaded necklace will combat any attempt to bring out those frowny-face blacks and browns…

Turquoise Beaded Hinge Bracelet, Francesca's Collections, $24

If it’s turquoise, I’m most likely buying it (Z-T-A shoutout!) – especially if I’m attempting to start a “Keep Summer Alive” campaign. You can join the revolution by stopping at the local Fort Worth Francesca’s, or any other of their fine boutiques in the DFW area.

Go on. Make it pop before summer stops.

2 thoughts on “Make it Pop

  1. I just bought some throw away jewels at Old Navy in a pretty coral along with a tissue thin white t to help get me through this heat. And I say no to fall in August and even September in Texas!

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