New Fort Worth Opening: Apricot Lane

While tooling around in University Park Village yesterday, I stumbled upon a grand opening sign in front of a rather stylish storefront window that boasted women’s apparel and accessories – somewhat of a rarity around Fort Worth, but always excitedly welcomed with open arms. Apricot Lane is the village’s newest attraction, a specialty retail franchise (which might be why the name rings a bell) offering familiar female brands – Vera Bradley, Miss Me, Free People, AG Jeans, Yellow Box Shoes – as well as what appeared to be other local vendor goodies like Texas Rangers and TCU bedazzled baseball caps and t-shirts.

New Apricot Lane Storefront in University Park Village

Within, it still felt like a work in progress – associates stocking the floor with multicolored Vera Bradley bags, walls still being looked at for optimal organization of merchandise – but anyone could see from the secured displays that the boutique will offer some feisty blouses and night-on-the-town dresses at some reasonable prices (at first glance, average range on apparel seemed $49-$99).

Display inside Apricot Lane, University Park Village

Too, the sales floor offers several tables teaming with costume jewelry and fun statement pieces – all also nicely and competitively priced against the village’s known accessory guru, Francesca’s Collections, located directly across the parking lot.

Jewelry Display at Apricot Lane, University Park Village

You’ll definitely want to join in on the grand opening festivities this weekend because right now they’re offering 25% off any one regular priced item. I was beyond tempted to snag the turquoise ruffle top (on the right in the above picture), but I’m trying to be good right now. Learning to save instead of spend…or something like that…blah. Anyways, if you can’t make it to this Apricot Lane location, I recommend snooping through the handful of their other storefronts located throughout the DFW area.

Happy weekending!

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