Chair Party

I plan on having a chair party, and you’re absolutely welcome to join.

Collection of Mismatched Vintage Chairs, Three Potato Four, $295

Can’t get enough of the new additions to the Three Potato Four online shop! Even though I’ve already been on the 3-P4 soapbox, I just got their e-mailer and couldn’t ignore sharing more about these sweet seats.  Sold as a uniquely mismatched quartet, these wooden chairs would pair good with any shabby chic kitchen table. They emit that grandmas-in-the-kitchen-making-pies sort of aesthetic that not a lot of accent pieces are capable of. And while I currently do not have $295 to spend on these dining gems, I am now on the prowl to create a similar look for our new kitchen. So all chairs beware – no longer will I turn a blind eye to a single, wooden, misshapen chair because I can see how fantastic a full collection will look gathered around our dining table.

I’ll let you know when seating becomes available… 🙂

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