Be Wed with BHLDN

As if there hasn’t already been enough enthusiastic chit-chat about Anthropologie‘s newest retail venture, I still feel entitled (ok, and excited!) to spread the good word about BHLDN. Applying the same idyllic charm and concentration on a sweet, feminine aesthetic, BHLDN now focuses that energy on the bride and all things wedding. Unfortunately, I am about two years too late for this rich collection of bridal dresses, heirloom-inspired accessories, fancy footwear, and homemade wedding day decor – but that doesn’t mean I can’t creep around the site everyday and pretend I’m still a blushing bride, right?

Pink Organza Party Dress, $310 // Collection of Crinkle Fans, $18

…Or I can just stand out in pink as a guest – luckily BHLDN accommodates those, too! Whether you’re perusing through their outstanding selection of party dresses or some handcrafted and pleated party favors, it seems you hardly have to be a bride to appreciate the merchandise offered on the site…

Chiffon & Glitter Flats, $280 // Just Married Sign $68

Who doesn’t like glitter – especially on their wedding day?? And this eye-catching banner is one of many bedazzled decorations you’ll find and have the ability to customize (ribbon spools and letters separately sold also give you the option to create your own sign)…

Polka-Dot D’Orsays, $370 // Blue Striped Straws, $6 for 25

Despite how much I love, I’m scared to buy the straws because I would probably end up eating them accidently – the color is that yummy! And as for the shoes, there is absolutely nothing frightening about polka-dotted party heels with gem-spiked ribbon accents. In fact, I’m pretty obsessed and would like to just continue staring at them, if you don’t mind…

Only bad news about BHLDN seems to be that there are no physical storefronts you can visit and receive expert advice – unless you live in Houston! Then you really have something to look forward to: the first BHLDN hub opens at Highland Village on August 18th. I don’t doubt there are more style centers in the works, but until then, I suggest you grab your laptop, snuggle into this virtual cloud nine, and pre-plan your wedding day with BHLDN.

Totally worth it.

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