Total Pinhead

I’ll be the first to admit: I’m a total pinhead. And it ain’t a bad thing.

The Pinterest epidemic has finally reached into the inner recesses of my soul and spreads daily like wildfire, charring all bouts of productivity and workday focus. Make copies for class? Maybe if they were copies of Ball jars with sweet peonies peeping out. Then I’d just pin it. Pinning is so much easier.

Have you jumped on the pin-wagon yet? Do you find yourself daydreaming about your next perfect pin? (Are you counting how many times I say pin in this post?) If so, you can empathize with this newfound obsession of gathering the web’s prettiest pics onto one big bulletin board of crisp color and design dreams. A direct tribute to the purchasing power we all wish we had, Pinterest lets us play. And play I have, as this sampling of pins will show – check below each collage for a direct link to each pin!

Labeled to the best keyword I could think up, starting from the top left hand corner and moving clockwise:

brick chandelier // curtain // whole heart // world go round // shelf // framed peonies // blue dresser // burlap chair // pink palette // letter j 

bike invites // paper wheel // brown bag // doily envelope // bow tie // turquoise & doily // cake font // brown letterpress

These are just a .0001% fraction of the fabulous finds on Pinterest – and if you’re interested in a new and worthy mode of distraction, comment for an invite, and I will most CERTAINLY make sure you get in on this new social sphere. But enter at your own risk – and hide your purse!

Now you must please excuse me – I have some pinning to do.

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