Finders Keepers

It might sound a little callous, but I love me a good estate sale. Finding someone else’s trash and realizing it’s in fact prized treasure feels like one of the greatest shopping victories you could ever experience. And if you are any shameless fan of American Pickers and have a love for the antiquated accessory, you know that estate sales are prime hunting grounds for vintage and industrial wares that the retail stops won’t have (or charge too much for!). Just feast your eyes on the jewels my husband and I uncovered yesterday while poking around in the Fort Worth Fairmount District

Cream Jars // Teal Bread Bin // Green Handmixer & Other Glass Jars // European Apothecary Glass Vial // White Milk Glass

As you can see, although we recovered these sweet shelving stockers from their respective graveyards – no gruesome pun intended! – you can still find them around the web,  available through sites like Etsy and eBay, which the links above will predominately redirect you to. That way, if the idea of taking things from an estate sale really creeps you out, you can dig for your yesteryear housewares in the comfort of your own home – you just might paying a little more markup and shipping.

Either way, go find and keep…before I do!

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