Booking It

I love books, and I love home decor. So I guess it now makes sense why I became enigmatically obsessed with the look of some stacked coffee table books while rummaging around Fort Worth yesterday.

There’s really something marvelous about the way you can dress up a coffee table with a few bright books, and a little bit goes a long way, in that you don’t have to buy out an entire bookstore’s hardback and glossy section to create the aesthetic you’re really going for (cultured and well-read, am I right??). Bringing some major accent color into a current scheme merely by the addition of some fantastic reading material is my goal for the new house’s living room (among many, many others), and here’s a run-down of those I clung to most on our distracted mission for coffee table books.

1. Creative Walls $29.95, Anthropologie // 2. Grandiflora Recipe Journal $48, Anthropologie // 3. Style by Kate Spade $14.60, University Barnes & Noble // 4. Domino: The Book of Decorating $32, Anthropologie

And if we decide to go with some muted living room coloring, there’s a nice selection of books available that will fit right in…

1. Etcetera: Creating Beautiful Interiors With The Things you love $35, Anthropologie // 2. Q & A of the Day $16.99, Anthropologie // 3. Vanity Fair: The Portraits $40.95, Byrd & Bleecker // 4. Chanel: Collections and Creations $38.62, University Barnes & Noble

Like I said, sprucing up some empty (maybe dusty) coffee table space will only make you appear super organized and smartly chic – not to mention overly prepared for some entertaining dialogue while you serve up a sparkling wine and cheese platter.

After all, you are superwoman. 🙂

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