Frat Daddy

I greeked it up at TCU. I own ten pairs of Sperrys. I married a frat boy. So yeah, I’m still mentally checked in at a rowdy rush party, and I’m still seeing this world through rose (bowl!) colored glasses. And I still swoon for bow ties.

Clockwise: Multi Gingham Bow Tie $68, Forage // Golf Beau Tie $55, Southern Proper // Purple Plaid Bow $38, Etsy Shop SouthernBeaus // Purple Striped Rounded Bow Tie $55, Brooks Brothers // Blue Seersucker Bow Tie $45, High Cotton Ties

Old school, easily cheesy if worn the wrong way, but maybe just absurdly awesome, any type of bow tie really puts me in step with a better time – the careless clinking of a scotch glass, a mallet slightly tapping a croquet ball across freshly cut grass, the colloquial murmur of friends lighting cigars and reminiscing beneath a monstrous oak. (Daydream much?) While I can’t rub elbows with Faulkner or tip my straw hat to Roosevelt, I can encourage my frat daddy to play the part in one of these darling get-ups. The Squire Shop off S. Hulen Street and John L. Ashe in the Ridgmar Mall should be able to help those Fort Worthians in a bow tie bind.

My favorite? Anything by Forage, who creates both lady and gent styled bow ties (for their women, the ties are longer, skinnier, and sweeter) and appreciates the art of recycling those charmingly classic and softy weathered fabrics of yesteryear.

Most applicable for Fort Worth? I’m looking at you, TCU sweethearts! Get your guys ready for some Horned Frog footballT-minus 28 DAYS until kick-off!! – and class up their neckline for the commencement of tailgate season. They will thank you later.

One thought on “Frat Daddy

  1. Great post! At Coastal Urge, we really like any excuse to wear a bow-tie sitting on the dock or at a restaurant on the water. We especially love Southern Proper and the fun and bright bow-ties they make. We also carry their t-shirts and hats too. You can find them here!

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