Fall Color Trend: Bamboo

Every year we wait in anticipation. We sit at the edge of our seat. We purchase the September issue and scurry through its sacred pages. We fantasize and make a favorites list. Then, we buy. We buy everything in sight that matches the new definitions of chic, style, trendy, fashionable. We rarely look at the price tag. We’ve been wired – nay, carefully mechanized to carry out this exhausting search for the It bag or hat or shirt each and every season. But why? Because of who? And for God’s sakes, for WHAT REASON do we do these things?!?

One word: Pantone. A second word: Color.

For more than 45 years, Pantone has been telling the big guys upstairs what to make for us little guys who love to shop. Those big guys – a.k.a. fashion moguls and designers from around the world – also sit on the edge of their seat, waiting for Pantone to survey their delicate art at New York Fashion Week in efforts to identify the most directional colors of the season. Once selected, all hell breaks lose. Chaos trickles down to the masses months later when we are seen hunting down seasonal game in each department store and pledging our adherence to the Pantone color scheme.

Fall 2011 might be the greatest palette for those of us who don’t like to automatically equate cooler air with drab blacks and browns. This season, designers and shoppers alike will play with pigments and no longer confine radiant roses and soft bluish-grays to the stereotypical categories of Spring. This week, I want to move through the striking palette, emphasize how easy it will be to assimilate this seasonal rainbow into your own wardrobe, and of course, buy some time until the September issue drops into my mailbox slot…

Did you just get chills? Imagine your colder months with seriously hot colors?! Good, that’s the point. And from the top, we start with the auroral, golden bamboo. Not so much a Fall’s mustard as a Spring’s daffodil, bamboo playfully shines through the cloudy overcast and pairs perfectly with the other titillating tints that we’ll get to throughout the week.

Now, without further ado, I give you the highly transitional, easy-to-find shade of bamboo!

 1. Acorn Trinket Flats $98, Anthropologie // 2. School Girl Top $17.50, Forever 21 // 3. Miu Miu Crystal-embellished Mini Leather Bag $920, Net-a-porter.com // 4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Jumble Sunglasses $98, Shopbop.com // 5. Silk Lucinda Blouse $98, J.Crew // 6. Fauve Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings $225, Net-a-porter.com // 7. Sleeveless Flounce Dress $13.50, Forever 21 //

Obviously, bamboo works at any price point – from a ridiculously dazzling Miu Miu handbag to the school girl Forever 21 top I bought yesterday. It’s all about making it your own – and accessorizing the look with the rest of this season’s new hues that will keep us buzzing through December.

And if you like pinks, then stay tuned (yes, pinks in fall!). Emberglow is up next.

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