Fall Trend Color: Phlox

FACT: For the past seven years, I have participated in a little ritual called “search-for-a-cute-purple-outfit-for-the-first-TCU-football-game-then-fail-then-pout-because-there-is-nothingever.” If you are a fellow lady horned frog, you might be familiar with this cruel game that retailers like to play with us desperate fans scrambling around an hour before game time, trying oh-so hard to find anything that resembles a purple sundress. And if you’ve played this game, you know that we always end up settling with a tangled web of purple costume jewelry, or an off-colored Lacoste polo worn since Freshman year.

Fear no more Frogs (and purple lovers in general)! Phlox is the answer to our tailgating fashion faux pas – and especially yummy for anyone who prefers to flaunt a flashy hue with some mood!

 1. Silk Sandback Tank $89.50, Madewell // 2.  Mulberry Ostrich Bayswater Bag $2996, Net-a-porter.com // 3. Lennaa Suede Pump $89.96, Steve Madden // 4. Original Tall Hunter Boot $125, Hunter // 5. Cashmere Blend Wrap $88, Nordstrom // 6. Wythes Dress $158, Anthropologie // 7. DVF Veda Dress $345, Shopbop.com //

Are you smitten yet? Powerful and exponentially royal, you can already tell that a little bit goes a long way when wearing phlox. The shade is a big deal in itself, so it rarely must be worn all over (unless it’s that chic DVF – can you imagine it with nude heels and a shiny pendant??). The pretty pigment speaks volumes when sprinkled atop a muted canvas – I, of course, reference that stunning Anthro dress, fully equipped with to-die-for bow – but if you’re really a purple-freak (looking at you, TCU), then you just might wanna flaunt this color all season long!

Go on. Get phloxy. 🙂

And now prepare for a change of pace with cedar

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