Fall Color Trend: Cedar

Calming and crisp, cedar carries us into the lighter side of Pantone‘s fall palette. Seemingly pulled from army fatigues but clouded with hints of earth tones and softened with a feminine touch, I’d call cedar a fine way to channel your inner passion for simplicity and living au naturel.

1. Bungalow Tile Halter Dress $332, Milly // 2. NARS Trio Eyeshadow $45, Nordstrom // 3. Stripe Out Tee $45, J.Crew // 4. Leather Transport Tote $148, Madewell // 5. Harlequinade Necklace $48, Anthropologie // 6. Z Spoke Zac Posen Flap Crossbody Bag $295, Bloomingdales // 7.  Boutique 9 Penny Loafer Pump $180, Shopbop.com //

Like the back of a fallen leaf, right? I’m usually not a green fan, but I’m certainly envious of that rockin’ Zac Posen crossbody right about now (crossbody bags are hot this season, love a long strap!). While you may have your doubts about what it may look like with your skin tone, I actually think the more ivory the base, the more poppin’ the color. Brunettes should definitely invest. But then again, so should everyone – it’s a darling way to transition into the more traditional, fall-ish fall merchandise you’ll start buying soon. (If we don’t all fry in this Texas heat wave first…)

From light to dark, from greens to blues, we move to deep teal

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