Fall Color Trend: Deep Teal

This is not your ordinary teal. This is a stand-out, warmly tinted, wildly refined, deep teal. Neither green nor blue, silent nor shocking, deep teal pauses in a perfect middle-ground aesthetic that will turn heads and feel just right at home in your closet…

1. Crinkled Paper Wheel Set $34, BHLDN// 2. Biella Satin Heeled Loafers $295, J.Crew // 3. Checker Table Cape $188, Anthropologie // 4. Set in Stone Necklace $28, Francesca’s // 5. Twinkle Toe Mary Janes $220, BHLDN // 6. Kate Spade NY Mod Little Helena Shoulder Bag $395, Nordstrom // 7. Valentino Va-Va Voom Convertible Bag $1845, Neiman Marcus // 

This color has the warmest feel, guaranteed to keep you snuggly when the winds start whisking in (or maybe it’s just that checkered Anthro cape doing all the fabulous work!). And I die for that Kate Spade shoulder bag, made all the sleeker thanks to the crisp tint of Pantone‘s “winter blue.” Really a great accent, deep teal will flourish next to the field of neutrals we’re about to cross!

Next, a nude hue with some spice: coffee liqueúr

2 thoughts on “Fall Color Trend: Deep Teal

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