Fall Color Trend: Coffee Liqueur

Drink it up. Like a much needed, warm cup of joe, coffee liqueúr knows how to keep your blood pumpin’ and your wardrobe’s agenda stabilized as you get ready for fall. Pantone conveniently selected a shade of brown this season that brightens rather than darkens your choice ensemble, motivates rather than underestimates your accessories (as we can see from the fur and animal prints popping up all over the runways). This color needs not be limited to a pair of work slacks or boring khakis – it’s a liqueúr, for crying out loud! Liqueurs are infused with fruits and spices and flowers, recognized for their sweetness and tempting aroma – shouldn’t we seek to embody this very definition?!

1. NARS Bright Lights Big City Eyeshadows $55, Nordstrom // 2. Owl Eyes Ring $18, Francesca’s // 3. Theodora & Callum Navajo Blanket Scarf $175, Shopbop.com // 4. Sequin Zigzag Tank $69.50, J.Crew // 5. Cocoa Belted Dress $22.80, Forever 21 // 6. Chloe Marcie Suede Tote $1850, Net-a-porter.com // 7. Foxglove Boots $278, Anthropologie // 

Tweaking yet? I certainly am for those cutout Anthro boots – are they ridiculously hot, or what?! Not only do they create a warm base to build any color upon, the texture alone would dress up any old sweater-dress-and-tights outfit you love to live in come cold season. And the owl cocktail ring? That’s a conversation piece in itself! I certify it A-OK to be silly when picking out costume jewelry – one can only look at so many chained bracelets and plainly banded rings before they begin to doze off!

What’s better than one beautifully crafted brown? Two beautifully crafted browns! Nougat is up next…

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