Fall Color Trend: Nougat

What in the name of fashion is a nougat?! Doesn’t even sound hot. Or chic. Or sweet. Or wearable, for that matter.

You best think again. Because nougat is the sweet neutral hue that glues the entire Pantone collection together…

1. Patent Edie Ballet Flat $178, Tory Burch // 2. Jane Wool Jacket $298, Juicy Couture // 3. Vintage Bejeweled Bridal Sash $175, SolBijou on Etsy.com // 4. City Storyteller Scarf $58, Madewell // 5. Knightsbridge Iva Purse $245, Kate Spade NY // 6. Tie-Neck Shirt $59.95, Gap // 7. Filigree Cupcake Dress $1000, BHLDN // 

Soothing, right? And totally wearable – a nice base to start from when transitioning from the white, blazin’ heat of summer into the coolness of fall. Once again, Madewell scarves are the way to go – if you’ve never checked out their merchandise (they’re J.Crew‘s sportier sister company), I recommend starting with their unique collection of vintage-esque, lively printed wraps. Other things I dream about: that BHLDN cupcake dress (who doesn’t wanna wear something that goes by the  name cupcake?!). Take a looksie of that up close if you get a chance – the embroidery and articulate beading around the bust will amaze! And as for that vintage bridal sash – I love buying these things off Etsy! Carefully handcrafted and awesomely unique (not to mention quite a bargain compared to commercial wedding retailers), I’d wear this bejeweled lover over a plainly tailored jacket any day!

Can you see where this love affair is only just beginning?

Next up, a jump into cool blues with orchid hush

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