FORT WORTH: The Varsity is Open!


Thanks to a smart little friend (Kat, you’re the greatest), I just remembered that Bluebonnet Circle is getting a hefty, much welcomed helping of TCU spirit tomorrow (August 16) when The Varsity opens at 10AM!

No, you’re not dreaming – that is a purple blazer and that is a Vineyard Vines TCU tote. I’ve only been dreaming about owning both for the past, oh, SEVEN years! Now the unisex savior of a spirit store will offer this tailgating equipment and more, based on their evaluation of the not-so-hot merchandise available at the TCU Bookstore. The Varsity steps into its own storefront right next to campus in an attempt to sell a higher quality product that caters to the quality fan-base that never has anything to wear. Believe you me, I am an excited alumnae, and I will finally get that bag!

The Varsity opens tomorrow at 10AM (find directions here) – look for the purple masses!

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