Back to Cool

Strange to think I once hated the first day of school, but I guess what’s not to hate? Early morning hustle. Long mornings in a cold classroom. Monotone teacher’s voice. Awkward get-to-know-your-neighbor games. Homework. Ugh.

Despite these feelings of aversion to the annual kick off of cramped classrooms and clock watching, there was one thing I couldn’t help but look forward to: the first day of school outfit. I always put so much time and effort into sculpting the perfect ensemble my fellow classmates would forever remember me by – and I’m not gonna lie, I still carefully plan my school digs as a teacher. And this year, I’ve already spotted two hot pieces I just can’t wait to throw on…

Black & White Open Blazer $22.90, Sparkle Chained Necklace $7.50, Forever 21

Chic and smart – just the way I like my first day of school to feel. Not to mention super savvy finds from Forever 21 – totally budgeted with money left over for a whole mother-load of school supplies. 🙂

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