Basket Case

Despite the cavern of boxes I am trapped within and the ridiculous work load I am yet to finish preparing for tomorrow’s classes, I still managed to swing by Wrare in West 7th for some dreamy decor. And thank goodness I did because I found exactly what I’ve been on a hunt for: wire baskets!

Large Basket $16, Small Basket $8, Wrare // White Pitcher $7.99, IKEA

Love the Wrare logo (so I had to show that off), but this little shop is quickly turning into one of my favorites for decor and gifts. (You can also see hints of my super green kitchen – more to come soon on that!) Just look at these stunning porcelain fragrance diffusers, beautifully shaped to indicate their given floral scent…

They look even more delicate encased in those glass domes (Beauty & the Beast, anyone?), and definitely smell as sweet as they look. Pictured here are the poppy, rose, peony (my favorite!), and dahlia scents, all $42 a piece, but absolutely worth it in my book!

Okay, okay – back to the books! So much for a relaxing Sunday…

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