Jayson Home Sweet Home

If you don’t live or commonly visit Chicago’s Lincoln Park (or if you don’t scour the net for home goodness on a daily basis!), then you probably haven’t encountered the sophisticated and eclectic bliss of Jayson Home. Once again, while I should be unpacking boxes and setting up bedrooms, I’m having a hard time pulling myself from the online mecca of flea finds, finely upholstered furniture (I’m on the hunt for a couch!), and surprising florals – yes, real florals! – that look as stunning as they could on a 15″ monitor…

Beautiful Tray $98 // Rule Pitchers $15-28 // Angelica Sofa $2495 // via Jayson Home

What I would do for that gray couch! And those ruler pitchers – oh, the places they’d go! I can imagine one holding a bouquet of sharpened No.2 pencils in my office – or a bouquet of peonies in my kitchen. The possibilities are endless with Jayson Home – check out their flea market finds, too, if you get a chance – you’ll find some spectacular pieces you won’t find anywhere else!

3 thoughts on “Jayson Home Sweet Home

  1. That couch is beautiful! We are kinda settled with our Ikea version that has a huge trundle. It basically turns into a giant ottoman and we veg there on movie nights! But someday we’ll get a real couch 🙂 I’m hoping this is before kids!

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