Table Talk

FACT: I love Pottery Barn.

FACT: I love a bargain more.

A bargain, a deal, a sale, a steal trumps any love I could have for something full priced, even it is the mac daddy of all home goods, Pottery Barn. Since we’ve moved into our new house, I’ve been dreaming of a vintage-industrial-wooden-chic theme (if such a theme exists?), which also means I’ve been ogling this dreamy coffee table for quite some time.

Hastings Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table $599, Pottery Barn

With an unfriendly price tag of $599, I knew better than to invest so much in one single piece if I would be remodeling the entire home-front. But lo and behold! – after a long day of shopping and curtain hunting (a whole other drama for a whole other day), we found the table. No, we hadn’t wandered into yet another Pottery Barn – we were in (strangely) World Market, and we were seeing double…

Youkoso Coffee Table $329, World Market

This table is that table’s identical twin – except much more affordable and absolutely perfect! We actually circled it half a dozen times before leaving the store, still contemplating if we really needed a new coffee table. That is, until I returned home from class last night to see it sitting pretty in my living room, thanks to the greatest husband in all the land – such a chic surprise from a man who knows me best. Disregard the sloppy couch and dull motif – remember, this new house is a work in progress that will be 100% worth it in the end!

Happy bargain hunting!

4 thoughts on “Table Talk

  1. Boy, do we have similar stories! We got all of our patio furniture from World Market since they have some sweet styles at an affordable price. We even wanted a dining table like that, but couldn’t find one (that was BEFORE we discovered World Market!) so we made one ourselves after trial and error. You can see it here if you’re interested: SUCH A CUTE COFFEE TABLE! Nice hubby you have too 🙂

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