Vase Case

Again, instead of packing, I’m out there in this big crazy home shopping world finding more wall and shelving accessories than I know what to do with…

Floral Vase $14.99, Home Goods // Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase $28, Anthropologie

But I ask you in earn how could I turn my back on a chance to snag almost an exact replication of the Anthropologie chrysanthemum vase I’ve been eyeing for quite some time?! Although only $28, while poking around at Home Goods (sister company to Marshalls, if you haven’t located your local HG, I recommend you do so STAT) this weekend, I came across this floral crafted vase in the perfect hue of blue to match our ever-evolving bedroom! And thus I paid $14.99 for the sweet thing and with a smile on my face.

Me + Bargains = GLORY

3 thoughts on “Vase Case

    • LOVE Home Goods! My mom actually got me hooked on the one in Allen – but I JUST discovered the massive Home Goods/Marshalls in Mansfield (where I found the vase and a ton of other awesome stuff)!! It’s about an 18 min. drive from the Fort but totally worth it!

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