Etsy Color: Orange

Logging on to Etsy is like walking into a gigantic galleria with a blindfold on – you can’t take a glance at a kiosk to find out where the hell all the cute stores are, and you certainly can’t ask anyone which way to head since your supposed to be a highly-esteemed shopping connoisseur.

Etsy is such a fantastic resource for all things vintage and handmade – and the thousands upon thousands of virtual mom-n-pop shops are typically the innovators and artists that inspire Mr. Corporate to stop in and shoplift (see: Etsy vs. Urban Outfitters controversy). It’s no surprise this happens (although it’s a total shame it does), as most products are ridiculously affordable and perfectly unique for those of us who like to maintain a series of conversation pieces throughout the home. Plus, the vast Etsy is the first venue I enjoy plunging into because, again, you just can’t find original and ornate stuff anywhere else, physically or virtually.

For instance, I think we’ve finally decided on an accent color for our wooden-white-and-khaki living room (fingers crossed this is the one!): orange. No, not Halloween orange – that’s weird – I’m talking orangey-melony-salmony-coral. Duh. Maybe think emberglow? Whatever the shade might be (or turn into), Etsy has especially helped to organize a few of my favorite orangey-melony-salmony-coral things…

top row: Sockeye Salmon Vintage Table $99, minthome // Coral on White Lumbar Pillow Pair $48, Yiayias// Ceramic Owl Lantern Vintage Orange $49.99, fruitflypie// middle row: Industrial Bookends $19, orangedoorcottage // Orange A Day Chair $350, RubbishRehab// Hanging Pendant Light with Drum Shade $78, lucentlampworks// bottom row: French Cottage Key Hooks & Vase $32, OldNewAgain // Chevron Print Frame $12, Cambellandco// Mid Century Scoop Chair Eames Era $67, Niftic // 

I may not be a vendor expert, but I certainly love a little color. And an owl. And an upholstered chair. And, well, it all!

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