Mama Knows (Home) Best!

I’ve learned to do pretty much everything from the very best – my Mama. Shop, socialize, accessorize, study, eat, dance, play. And now I get to add one more thing to that ever-evolving list after last night’s surprise drop-off of a few incredible purchases from Home Goods: interior design.

Clockwise: Enlarged Wooden Scissors $12.99 (on top of printed desk!) // Conservatory Desk as Table and Conservatory Desk as Desk $249 // Shabby Standing Chalkboard $29.99 // All Home Goods

Does she know how to pick ’em, or does she know how to pick ’em?! Not only does this collection fit perfectly in my office, these purchases have introduced to us the world of The Bramble Company – seriously, click on the link right now. No seriously, you’ll die when you see their impressive allocation of furnishings, antiqued furniture, and beautiful finished (with customization available!) bookcases that would make even Faulkner jealous. Too, Bramble Co. is the mastermind behind this new Conservatory Table/Desk I love most. Ok, ok, I love them all equally, all totally worthy of the new home aesthetic I’m going for (I think…let me ask Mama…)!

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