Missoni for Target Debuts

Hopefully you haven’t been living under the same rock I was all weekend. Hopefully you’ve heard the ridiculously exciting news that the legendary Missoni fashion house designed a 400 piece collection exclusively for Target. Hopefully you now realize that the collection hits your local Target shelves TODAY.

Missoni for Target Flats & Cosmetic/Travel Bags via Fashionista

Even in the course of writing this friendly reminder to get that cheap and chic merch as fast as you possibly can (prices are tagged $7.99 – $199), I’ve received one very anxious call from Mom about Target’s opening times and one text from my ultra savvy friend reminding me to wake up before noon, lest I want to kiss my kicks goodbye.

I certainly I do not. I”ll see you soon, Target.

6 thoughts on “Missoni for Target Debuts

  1. I’ve been waiting and waiting for this day, and now I’m stuck in Roma, with no Target in sight. I pass the Missoni boutique here at least 3 times a week. I wish I could get my hands on this stuff! haha. Enjoy what you get! 🙂

  2. After hitting up 3 Targets I have come away with 2 pairs of flats (Size 7 & 7.5) headbands, and cute barrets!!!!! The things I do to keep Megh in style~

  3. I just went to the Target on 7th on my lunch break and there wasn’t much left, but it didn’t look like FW got that many clothes to begin with! I did manage to get some rain boots!

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