Time to Decorate

Seriously – I’ve been far too overwhelmed for words with my new schedule that I cannot even find time to do the one thing I’ve come to love – blog! Or the second thing – decorate! I now sigh with a heavy heart…

This weekend, however, my husband and I decided enough was enough – we had to get some stuff unpacked, organized, and hung up so that we stop looking so nomadic and start looking so domestic. Finding the time meant hanging the time, thanks to this super sleek time piece found during my last Home Goods adventure…

Homes Goods Time Piece $49.99, with Assorted Frames from TJ Maxx $7 to $18

Despite its smaller size, I still felt like this clock could be a sweet statement piece. Thus we took the incredible number of white frames lying around from our apartment’s bedroom decor and used the largest one (also an $18 TJ Maxx snag – in the damaged section, too, as it used to be a $150 mirror!) to highlight the blueness of the wall with the whiteness of the decor. And voilà! A barren wall was now dressed and ready to impress!

Now if we could only find the right apparel for all 20 others….

4 thoughts on “Time to Decorate

  1. I really like that “look” – you have inspired me to fill some dead space on a wall. One of the things I love about showing homes to buyers – I get to come across all types of decor ideas like yours. Thanks for sharing!

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