Change Purse

I’m a little OCD when it comes to evaluating my outfits (insert 2.5 hours of getting ready here…). Typically, I’ll find satisfaction in my closet’s contents and piece together a get-up with fun color, maybe a nice belt, snazzy jewelry – until I look for the handbag. Where, oh, where is the perfect handbag?! If it doesn’t exist/match, it’s all over. I’m known to pout for days.

So knowing this about me, there’s one thing I always pick up when I’m out and about. But lots of handbags = lots of money. Unless you remember that Forever 21 has the largest and super sweetest collection that doesn’t even break the $20 limit!

Pink Bowed Floral Coin Purse $3.80 // Floral Woven Handbag $19.80 // Wavy Leatherette Clutch $16.80 // all via Forever 21

Save that money in your wallet, and go purse up!

2 thoughts on “Change Purse

  1. That brown one is so nice!! I hit up our new Forever 21 (it’s HUGE – we’re talking, took over the old SAKS store) and felt completely lost. So I left. But I should have searched for these cause they are darling 🙂

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