Return from Round Top (with 101 DIY Projects!)

Ahoy! My weekend sabbatical from the blogosphere was taken with much just cause: a quick but sweet, sweet trip to Round Top, Texas. With Mama and husband in tow, we spent two long and dirty days sifting through the more than 2,000 antique, collectible and craft vendors throughout the teeniest communities located roughly between Houston and Austin. Altogether there’s more than 300 acres used to house the thousands of buyers and sellers who gather in this antique utopia twice a year – once in the spring (which, of course, we attended with plenty of good buys seen here) and once in the fall! And while most dealers lack websites or physical shop spaces outside the sweet haven, I still had to capture plenty of potential DIY projects and best buys for all to see!

Burlap Wrapped Vases $34 (total DIY project!), Giant European Glass Jug $65

You might be saying to yourself, “Yo, Megh! Why you be buying a glass jug for sixty-five smackers?!” My answer: Pottery Barn sells lamps made out of these jugs for up to $349. Anthropologie sells lamps made out of these jugs for $495. Soooo yeah, I smell a project…

Hanging Metal Basket Lamps (total DIY!) & More European Glass Jugs with Gold Stenciling (easy DIY!)

Round Wall Mirrors $250, Industrial Hanging Lights $85, & Stacks Upon Stacks of Vintage Luggage $30-$1300

Ummm, do you absolutely die right along side me for those stacks upon stacks of vintage trunks?! While their price ranges were ridiculous, I couldn’t leave without at least starting my newest collection of decor! And no worries – I didn’t pay the industrial light asking price of $125; the Old Home Supply House in Fort Worth carries these lamps in a multitude of colors for only $45!

Annnd for those of us who are getting ready for one of my favorite holidays on the horizon – Halloween – we had to check out spooky decor to put us in the mood…

Gigantic Antique Cirkut Camera $3500 & Nancy Drew Books $5

While I had to skip on the ultra gothic vintage camera, I did snag some Nancy Drew storybooks, which are ever-so popular over on Country Living‘s What to Collect list. And I love me some Country Living, so I’ll do pretty much whatever they tell me to do…

It’s quite apparent. Round Top = Super Success. Jealous? Then you just might want to consider booking the Round Top Inn or Farview Inn for the next Antique Weekend, March 30-April 3rd. The trip will be totally worth it, I promise! 🙂

Alright already, my DIYing awaits…

8 thoughts on “Return from Round Top (with 101 DIY Projects!)

    • Totally make it happen!! It’s totally worth the trip. And we LOVE Canton – we’ve learned to poke around in the back junk fields as much as the arbors now! Cheers!

  1. Great ideas….I was thinking the same thing. i wanted one of those large glass jugs really bad…I just got talked out of it. maybe next time.

    • We came thiiiiis close to walking away, but then I googled the Pottery Barn lamp I wanted and decided it was worth it! Sending my husband to Home Depot today to see what he can do to turn it into lighting!

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