Commence Project Time!

As promised, I can’t stop thinking about all the goodies we bought at Round Top (despite the fact that I have an entire book to read + papers to grade + handouts to create). Too, after finding time to blog-snoop, I stubbled upon the sweetest kitchen creation, courtesy of eighteen25

Silhouette Silverware Jars via eighteen25

Check out their step-by-step DIY! Unfortunately, I don’t have the mad techno skills those ladies do, so I decided to just do what I could with what I have. A work in progress, but nevertheless, a unique addition to our kitchen’s many, many shelves!

Vintage Silverware $1 & Glassware from Anthropologie $8

I love mixing the old with the new – it just makes everything timeless, really. Plus, the glasses were part of a beautiful housewarming gift from my very, very good friend. Such a lucky gal, I am!

Finally, we randomly bought a dough bowl at the last estate sale we found ourselves rummaging through, and we added some super smelling lavender to the mix. To top off this farmhouse aesthetic, we managed to unpack a few long lost trinkets – like these glass vials complete with rustic wire basket. The tops were originally blue, but some spray paint magic did the matchy-match trick!

Glass Vials with Wire Basket $14, Paul Michael Company, & Dough Bowl with Lavender $20

Oh, the joys of project time!

One thought on “Commence Project Time!

  1. Darling! I just realized this morning that my house is starting to look like a wood-bin. Every accessory (and even furnishings) have some sort of wood element or color to them and it looks a little repetitive – I need to shake things up! Maybe these darling jars with the black with help 🙂 Cute post! Can’t wait to see your projects! xo

    Kristina Gulino
    Something 2 Write About

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