J.Crew Holiday

I might as well just hand over my entire wallet (and shirt and shoes and dog!) to J.Crew this season because the amount of time I’ve already spent in the new Fort Worth store lately is slightly embarrassing. Now that the smorgasbord of holiday goodness is starting to roll out, I either need to (a) freeze my credit cards in an icebox, (b) block J.Crew’s website from taunting me on my bookmarks bar, or (c) run for the freakin’ hills!

Glitter Purse $59.50, J.Crew

But like, come on – who can resist a sequin cross-body bag!? – especially when they are $10 off this weekend!!! Yes, go be addicted with me. It’ll be fun. I swear.

One thought on “J.Crew Holiday

  1. I looooove J Crew, but I never buy unless they’re having super good sales. I actually have a close friend who worked there and she admitted it was almost impossible not to buy everything (especially with an employee discount, could you imagine)? 🙂 xo

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