Stuck in a Holidaze

Well, howdy there! How’s your holiday winding down? Drink enough eggnog? Bake enough cookies? Purchase enough pretty presents!? My answers to these questions would probably be no’s – but only because there NEVER seems to be enough time to celebrate the holidays anymore! Yes, Walmart is filled with Christmas cheer come Halloween, but I’m just not that type of gal who can have her seasons greeting cards ready before there’s turkey on the table (no matter how much I love to pick out holiday paper!). Plus – if you already haven’t noticed/heard it enough – I’m a professional procrastinator, known for waiting until the last minute to sew some burlap stockings with Mom (completed December 22nd!) and check everyone off my ‘nice’ list (finished Christmas eve!).

Whether or not you share my seasonal plight, we more likely see eye-to-eye when it comes to appreciating the little things that make Christmas so special – time with family and friends, baking grandma’s cookies, shnugglin’ with your pups, oogling at favorite ornaments, rereading Dickens, midnight mass…this list could go on. Luckily, Santa left me a Canon EOS Rebel T3 under the Christmas tree just so that I could capture and share all the sugarplum fairies that have been dancing around this little girl’s head!

First, we set up our house…

a view from outside

a lovely box of ornaments

strands of douglas fir are always necessary!

(rolls and rolls and rolls of) wrapping paper from paper source

little details make it all just right

some DIY ornament action // made from vintage book pages

 And then, of course, we made the trip to Mama & Pop’s house for some Christmasing…

Mama's beautiful Christmas tree

Did I mention it was also my birthday? LOVE some magnolia bakery cupcakes!

a little (late) DIY with mama // stockings made of burlap sacks!

oversized glitter pinecones (TJ Maxx!) // more DIY garland with vintage sheet music

long time family favorite cookies

I raise my virtual glass to you and cheers to a holiday well done! And while I still can’t believe it’s all over, I sincerely look forward to what’s in store (namely, J.Crew, but also in general…). Ready to ring in the New Year – so get ready to join me! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Stuck in a Holidaze

  1. So pretty! The douglas fir really does add so much natural beauty. And I am also looking forward to what’s in store this year – I am ALWAYS shopping for home stuff, so this year I am focusing a little more on my wardrobe! A little self confidence never hurt nobody 🙂 Blessings!

    Something 2 Write About

    • I always go back and forth between home and self – it’s hard to find a good balance (especially when I adore a good splurge)! Haha – cheers to a fabulous new year!

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