Arm Candy

A wrist full of glitz is what I’ve been drooling over lately – and let me tell ya, there is drool everywhere on my little keyboard due to the escalating number of baubles and bracelets bouncing around the web! Here’s a few of my favorite flavors that motivated my dear love for this stacked style…

1. via My Style Pill // 2. via Refinery 29 // 3. via HonestlyWTF

Most sites (like my fav, Honestly WTF) provide a lovely DIY manuel for those looking for a little arts-n-crafts session. I would absolutely love to gather my galpals for an afternoon of creativity, but with everyone so busy (self included), this doesn’t seem plausible at the moment. So like the little shopping scout I am, I went on the prowl to find some (cheap!) options to follow suit – and where better to go than my favorite fashion mecca: Forever 21!

Left to Right: Curb Chain Bracelet $10.80 // Double Strand Gold Link Bracelets $3.80 // Brown Braided Bracelet $6.80 // Sparkling Woven Bracelet $6.80 //

They were all so tasty, I couldn’t pick just one. Luckily, these jewels fit snugly into my price range, so I just swiped up all four – although I am sporting my favorites today…

Takes a handful to really create some real tasty arm candy! 😉

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