New Year’s Eve, Yes Please!

Happy New Year’s Eve to you and yours! Spent the afternoon cruising around with the convertible top down (it’s 70 degrees and sunny – typical Texas weather!), gathering party favors and yummy treats for the private party I’m hosting tonight. And when I say private party, I mean me, the husband, and Dick Clark (does he even host the ball drop anymore?!). Last New Year’s Eve we were party rockin’ in LA for the Rose Bowl (rah! rah! TCU!), thus we found it pretty much impossible to try and top that this year. And I’m strangely enthusiastic about staying in on the rowdiest night of the year for several reasons: (1) Bowl games galore (2) Twilight Zone marathon on SyFy channel (favorite tradition!) (3) MSG-filled Chinese take-out (you know you like it too!) 4) I raided a Party Warehouse…

Party Warehouse Raid in Fort Worth

Champagne Cookies from McKinley's

Banners are a must!

And the most important part of the end of the year…

Clean Slate for 2012 Resolutions (and a GREAT chalkboard steal from TJ Maxx!)

…is planning the beginning! Happy New Year!

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