Get Fit (Fashionably)

New Year Resolution: Get fit! Run a half-marathon! Lose five pounds!

Confession: I preach fitness and health from a cushy couch where I’ve been lounging and snacking all day long.

Solution: Peruse the world wide web for some stylish duds to help kick start the resolve tomorrow!

Oh, come on – we all know how hard it is to find motivation the day after a party night full of champagne, fireworks, and fiestas. It just seemed impossible to start on the ambitious list of activities I’ve resolved to accomplish this new year – and so much easier to plan rather than do! So that’s exactly what I’ve done all day: created an overview of my favorite workout gear and accessories needed to be (fashionably and afforably) fit!

1. RealFlex Mesh Running Shoe $79.99, Reebok // 2. C9 by Champion Seamless Bra $16.99, Target // 3. Modern Classics Hoodie $50, Adidas // 4. Denali Thermal Glove $30, The North Face // 5. JVC Gummy Neon Headphones $7.99, Amazon // 6. Track & Field Capri $45, Nike

Notice everything is shockingly neon? That’s because it is absolutely difficult to start a rigorous work out in the dull and dark winter months – so why not have a pop of color to help reverse those weather woes as you head out for a morning jog?! And you’ll notice nothing here is over $80 (only because of the sweet running kicks – otherwise, nothing would be over $50!) – and surprisingly, my favorite product here is the seamless sports bra from Target. At a whopping $16.99, I’ve managed to purchase this little booby-basket in every color. I’d say that makes it a certified worthy purchase!

Here’s to getting fit (tomorrow)!

…..UPDATE! (Cue Unsolved Mysteries music – you know what I’m talking about…): I surprisingly remained committed to my ‘get fit’ resolution (with the help of my motivational husband), purchased some sweet kicks at my favorite Fort Worth running den, Luke’s Locker, and hit the pavement running! Just thought I’d share the shockingly pink shoe I went with….

Asics Gel-Neo 33 $105, Luke's Locker

Making the switch from Nike to Asics already feels so good for my feetsies! Looking forward to spending some quality time with these bad boys…

5 thoughts on “Get Fit (Fashionably)

  1. Very cute post! Lucky for me, my birthday is this week so I’ve officially dubbed it the “last week of whatever” until all this seriousness sets in…. I better enjoy it! Love that blue hoodie!

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