Pretty Lights

I’m the first to admit: I have a serious obsession with pretty lights. The culprit is most commonly table lamps – you should honestly see how many are in my home (actually, you probably will) – but all lights suffice. Floor lamps. Accent. Industrials. Pendant lights. Chandeliers. You name it, I usually ogle over it for quite some time. The stranger they are, the more I likey. Not sure what actually attracted me to the light at first, but needless to say, here’s a few models I’ve been yearning to click on and off for quite some time….

Clockwise at Top Left: DIY Book Lamp via HGTV // Assorted Lamp Styles via Anthropologie // Hand-painted Java Tea Lamp $219, Wisteria //  Clift Seeded Glass Table Lamps $209-349, Pottery Barn 

I consider table lamps one of the great, accidently conversation pieces a room could own. For example: “Hey, this book lamp is interesting and I can’t stop staring at it, where did you ever find this?” “I actually made it from a collection of my old books I had lying around.” “How divine!” (I imagine all my guests to have such exquisite manners – and taste…)

Actually, that DIY lamp found on Pinterest gave me – or rather my husband – an idea: why spend $200-300 on a little ol’ table lamp when we have the supplies to create one?! My husband and I made a deal that if he couldn’t make an exact replica of one of those prized lighting fixtures – for under $100! – then I could buy the one I wanted (see: Clift Seeded Glass Pottery Barn lamp). Nay, I told him; impossible! He took this as a challenge and off to work he went. Luckily, he had the most perfect tools to begin such a project: a giant European glass jug found at Round Top (if you’ll remember here), a burlap lampshade without a home (from World Market), and an electrical cord swag kit for some odd reason or another (which can also be found at World Market, although I highly doubt he was poking around in there without me knowing). Zero dollars later, he created my dream lamp…

Natural Burlap Shade $19.99, World Market // European Glass from Round Top ($65) // White Electrical Cord Swag Kit $9.99, World Market 

Thus, at a whopping $95 total, you too could be the proud owner of a “Cliff Seeded Glass Table Lamp” – without forking over $300 to Pottery Barn!

Inspired by my husband’s workmanship, I decided to turn over another lamp collecting dust in our shed. Not so much a DIY project as a renovation, I took my table light found quite some time ago at a Goodwill in upstate New York for $18 – yes, you read that correctly: GOODWILL! – polished that puppy up nice and shiny, and spent about two seconds in Home Goods before locating the perfect scripted lamp shade (I freakin’ love that store). Fortunately, the electrical was all still in tact despite its age and made a beautiful addition to our living room.

Lamp recovered from Goodwill, $18 // Lamp Shade from Home Goods, $19.99

Oh, how I love such pretty lights!

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