A BRAND OF WORTH: Pendleton Woolen Mills

Every now and then I’ll fall absolutely in love with a brand. Chanel, of course. Tory Burch, I own twenty pairs. Forever 21, you’ve seen that love unfold. But this time around, instead of seeking out a brand, one sought me out. Yes, I lie not – it’s somewhat of a love at first sight/fated to be together sort of thing. When we gallivanting around San Francisco, we stumbled into an Anthropologie (because I have to visit them all, of course…), and for some reason or another (fate), I found myself feverishly prying through their beautiful home goods. Lo and behold, sandwiched between a comforter and a quilt, there sat a uniquely yellow roll of surprisingly soft wool, satcheled in pristine leather with a boldface engraving: PENDLETON. I snatched it up, supposing it was a hidden gem that got away from someone else, and as much as I loved the warmth and comfort of the massive blanket, I figured it would also make a fantastic Christmas gift. So, sharing the love, we gave it to my sister-in-law’s husband, who later snapped photos of him and his beloved dog cuddling beneath it. My heart melted.

Yesterday I was pressured by my best friend into an impromptu shop stop at – you’ve guessed it – Anthropologie. I head straight to the safety zone of sale racks, which ended up being the opposite of safe once I cozied up to a pretty plaid quilted coat that happened to be my exact size and came with a sales girl cooing in my ear, “We just marked that down! Can you believe the price?” I checked the price. The amount of bleeding markdowns astounded me: $398 slashed to 249.95 slashed to 99.95 slashed to 49.95. $49.95?! Already in hog heaven, I checked the label. My heart melted.

Pendleton Quilted Coat ONLY $49.99, Anthropologie

There was the blue and gold label shining back at me sealed the deal, and the Pendleton was mine. I felt a little sheepish about the purchase, seeing as I live in TEXAS, where the forecast today brags sunny and 70 temperatures, and I hardly ever visit places like this…

A Blissful Oregon Scene via Running with Tweezers

…because I don’t do winter sports (skiing – forget about it) nor do I even enjoy being cold. But there was something about the Portland, Oregon based company that compelled me to purchase their products (not once but twice). Maybe the price tag just left me seeing stars, but jumping into their history and learning a little more about their heritage really transformed me into a full-fledged Pendleton promoter. Exuding worthiness in every sense of the word, Pendleton Woolen Mills boasts the finest 100% virgin wool clothing and home products, weaving from a family-owned business dating back to humble sheep raising and textile milling origins in 1889. An all-American success story, no doubt, the woolen goods (most commonly found in speciality retail stores, easier found online) radiate vivid colors and bold patterns engineered based on early studies of Southwest Native Americans, whom the family traded with and observed. Today, those same inspirations spill over into unique collections and feel-good products like these…

1. Whisperwool Muffler in Red Stewart Tartan $32.99, Pendleton // 2. Ipad Case $46.99, Pendleton // 3.  Motor Throw with Leather Carrier $88, Pendleton // 4. Northwest Exposure Bag $179.95, Anthropologie // 5. Virginia Den Artwork $650, Pendleton

Thus I dub Pendleton my first official “Brand of Worth” – a label absolutely worth your time (and money)!

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